to Aug 17

Ping Hub – The Silk Road Journey: Past, Present and Future Exhibition

Artist Residency

A Virtual Reality experience that connected the exhibiting artists at Winns Gallery, London and Keeni Kessler Gallery, Penang together, using VR Platforms and Tools including Masterpiece VR and Google Tilt Brush. VR Director: Maureen Kendal; Lead on VR: Continuum (aka Sean); VRE Consultant: Finn Hobson; Project Manager: Alex Adams; Director of VRE: Mark Whittle; 3D Multimedia Team: Paul James, Akeshma Webster, Mehmet Mulla; VR Specialist: Patrick Morgan; Music composers: Rosemary Duxbury and Elaine Thomazi-Freitas; Panda TV: Xiaoyi Li; Film & Video producers: Yi Ma and MI Zou; UK Artists: Yanire Sylva Delgado, Fion Gunn, Vanja Karas, Alan Hudson, Jhy Yen Lo; Malaysia Artists: Doris Hafner, Aboud Fares, Ravishanker Rajagopal & Jonathan Rajagopal, Sliz da Silva; Photographer: Ping Zhang

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8:00 PM20:00

Pendulum New Music

Pendulum New Music – University of Colorado, Boulders; USA, February 2017. Samples from the music of No Contact (2016) have been sent to Katharina Rosenberger to be used on her work flowchart_I (2017) - part of a larger cycle of multi channel electro-acoustic compositions that all deal with the mapping of data derived from systems and organism characterized by flow.

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to Aug 24

ICMC 2013

ICMC 2013 – International Computer Music Conference – Perth/Australia, August 2013. Performance for live-video with music by composer Johnathan F. Lee. Work: Impetus Angularis

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to Nov 11

Sinus Ton

Sinus Ton – Magdeburger Tage der Elektroakustischen Musik, Magdeburg/Germany, 2012. Live-video work with live-music by composer Johnathan F. Lee. Work: Impetus Angularis

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to May 29

ICMC 2010

ICMC 2010 – International Computer Music Conference – NYC/Stony Brook, USA, 2010. Work: LHRNRT – live video & sound. Support: JCAMD - Design & Media REF 2009/13 – London Metropolitan University

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